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Amer Services in Dubai, UAE

Highbiz has proven to be the best in business when it comes to Amer services in Dubai, UAE, with the expert service that we provide. Amer services are time-saving and easier processing of government transactions that was introduced by the Dubai Emirate government authorities. It makes government services more accessible to the common public.

We help you to save your time and money by assisting the whole process with our expertise. Our Amer services include an extensive range of assistance that consists of employment visa services, partner visa services, family visa services, visa cancellation services, and PRO service in Dubai.


Why Choose Our Amer Services in Dubai, UAE?

We take pride in providing the most efficient Amer services in Dubai, UAE. Our team is constantly on the path to excellence and closely monitors every step of the process. Because of our determination for excellence, we take special care of each of our client’s requirements. With us, you can rest assured that a seamless and quick service is provided to you.

Get your government transactions in Dubai completed comfortably with the help of our experts. High-quality assistance in applying for entry permits, renewing or applying for residency visas, PRO services, visa services, etc without the need of going through the complex process all by yourself.

Choose reliable, simple, easy, and affordable assistance with Highbiz business setup. The leading providers for Amer services in Dubai.

We help you with:

1. Employment visa services

The most important problem will be finding reliable employment visa services in Dubai if you are planning to work there. With Highbiz you get complete support to avail yourself of a UAE work permit and employment visa easily.

2. Partner visa services

If you are planning to set up an LLC in Dubai or own one, your business partner can get a visa to the UAE. Partner visa services offered by our experts save your time, effort, and money to avail of the visa.

3. Newborn visa processing

Applying for a newborn baby visa is a document that should be promptly applied and processed. There is a fine if you haven’t applied for a newborn visa within 120 days of the baby’s birth. Highbiz helps you to achieve faster and easier newborn visa processing.

4. Family visa services

Family visa services are one of the most availed services among Amer services in Dubai, UAE. It allows expatriates who are UAE residents to bring their immediate family to the UAE. Make the process of family visa services easy with Highbiz.

5. Visa cancellation services (company & family)

In case an individual holding a family residence visa or employment visa is permanently leaving the United Arab Emirates, canceling the visa officially is a process to be done. Visa cancellation services by experts at Highbiz helps you make the process seamless.

6. Establishment card new & renewal

A company set up in the UAE should have an establishment card to recruit foreign staff and be open to foreign investors. Highbiz provides the best services for establishment card application and renewal.

7. Visa stamping (company & family)

Speed up your visa stamping process in UAE with Highbiz. We offer visa stamping assistance for both employment visas and family residence visas.

8. Visa status change

Changing your visa status can be a tricky and confusing process to many. That is why we are here to help with expert services in visa status change.

9. PRO services in Dubai

Setting up a business and running it in Dubai can be a tedious process because of the legal procedures it entails. Highbiz provides quality PRO services in Dubai that are budget-friendly for any scale of business.

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