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Dubai municipality services are various kinds of assistance that fall under the control of the Dubai municipal body. These services are provided to make the procedures of applications easier for the public.

dubai municipality services

What Does Dubai Municipality Do?

Dubai Municipality is a governmental body that works with a vision of developing Dubai as a happy and sustainable city. The mission of this authority is to manage, plan, and develop the city for a sustainable and progressive life. It is one of the largest governing bodies of the United Arab Emirates, which directly contributes to better living conditions in the Emirate.


The services of Dubai municipality include individual services, business services, and government services. This includes everything from agriculture to property rentals in Dubai. Here are the different services that Dubai municipality offers assistance to the public.


  • Food Products
  • Agriculture and Irrigation
  • Land Allocation and Planning
  • Geographic Information Services
  • Public Health Pest Control
  • Public Parks and Recreational Facilities
  • Contractors, Consultants, and Building Material Suppliers
  • Dubai Municipality Fees
  • Environmental Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Building and Construction
  • Advertising Permits
  • Conformity and Standardization of Certificates
  • Leasing Dubai Municipality Properties and Spaces
  • Waste
  • Public Health and Safety
  • Marine and Coastal Environment
  • Animal Health and Welfare
  • Drainage Services
  • Survey Services

Why Choose Our Dubai Municipality Services?

Highbiz helps our customers to avail Dubai municipality services with ease by providing proper guidance, throughout support, and hassle-free access to all the services that the civic body offers in Dubai. The complete jurisdiction of Dubai city is handled by the municipal body, by taking care of the proper functioning of the Emirate of Dubai.

Our Assistance in Services of Dubai Municipality includes;

  • Approval of training or consultancy companies
  • Approval for food health certificate
  • Approval for contracting company
  • Approval kitchen in labor accommodation
  • Approval for dm club facilities

With the advancement and adaptation to modern technologies, Dubai municipality services can now be availed digitally. Dubai municipality online services are more viable and affordable to the majority of the public. With a trusted service provider, you can also make your application procedures process quickly and effortlessly.

With expert assistance from Highbiz business setup, you can comfortably complete all your requirements at Dubai municipality. Get in touch with our professional team today, and avail the best assistance in the Middle East, for the smooth completion of your Dubai municipality services.

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