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Tadbeer Visa Services in Dubai, UAE


Tadbeer visa services in Dubai, UAE, is the most helpful service introduced by the UAE government. Through this, all sorts of house help and babysitting help that are required for a family living in the UAE can be arranged by hiring a worker from another country. The busy life in a city like Dubai demands the help of various kinds of domestic help. It is what balances the work-life balance in the compact families of the Middle East. But finding and hiring a house help, nanny, cook, or other such domestic help can be very difficult.

When searching for a household and domestic worker in the UAE, there are many things to consider. It includes picking the right house help to sponsor that suits your needs and fits in your budget. Hiring domestic help in the UAE is also bound to many laws and mandatory requirements. You have to abide by all of them to be able to sponsor a maid visa.



Why Choose Tadbeer Services from Highbiz?

The complete process and procedures for sponsoring a maid visa in Dubai can be very time-consuming and confusing. That is why it is better to seek help from experts. Highbiz lets you process maid visas easier and conveniently find the best house help service that suits your needs. Tadbeer services are introduced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) to bring the complete maid visa sponsoring and hiring system under surveillance. This helps the government to ensure that no illegal activities are committed under this name, and no worker exploitation takes place. Tadbeer ensures that both the interests of the employer and employee, aka sponsor and sponsored, are protected.


With Highbiz, you can make sure the services are available faster and more secure. The categories of jobs for which Tadbeer visa services are provided consist of 19 domestic works. Highbiz guides you through the process of submitting an application and supporting documents and sponsoring a maid visa.


We provide assistance in a range of services which includes the following;


1.  Housemaid employment contract

To hire and sponsor a maid in Dubai, the sponsor should make a housemaid employment contract with the sponsored employee. This ensures that the remuneration, work hours, and other benefits are as per the parameters mandated by the law.


2. Tadbeer maid visa

Tadbeer maid visa services are one of the 19 domestic visa category services offered through Tadbeer centers. With Highbiz, you can make the process of the Tadbeer maid visa easier.


3. Entry permit for a housemaid

It is mandatory to have an entry permit for a housemaid so that they are allowed to enter into the UAE. This is a prerequisite for sponsoring domestic workers.

4. Entry permit contract for a housemaid

Entry permit contract for a housemaid should be arranged by the sponsor, themself similar to all other documents. Highbiz assists in obtaining an entry permit contract for a housemaid.

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