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Tawjeeh Services Dubai

The Dubai government has categorized their services and the assistance to them as Tawjeeh services. As per this, Tawjeeh centers have also been registered and licensed under The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).


Tawjeeh services are also introduced similar to Tadbeer and Tasheel services. Such centers are established across the United Arab Emirates for the purpose of offering easy access to government services for businesses and commercial enterprises situated in the Dubai Emirate. Tawjeeh services include all kinds of business, entrepreneurship activities, and their assistance. According to the latest updates, Tawjeeh services now include Tawjeeh training centers for providing awareness about workers’ rights.

Taw-jeeh services dubai

Who Can Avail Tawjeeh Services?

Tawjeeh services are initiated with the main aim of providing smooth and easy business conduct. So, these services are made beneficial for all components of a business setup such as;

  • Business Owners / Employers
  • Employees
  • Laborers and their representatives

Why Choose Tawjeeh Services from Highbiz?

Highbiz business setup offers all sorts of business setup services in Dubai including Tawjeeh services. If you require any assistance regarding work contract issuing, certificate issuing, issuing permits, and their delivery, our experts are here to give you a hand. As with all previous programs, MOHRE has bought this initiative to make the functioning and growth of businesses hassle-free in the Dubai industry. These ensure that everyone is benefitted, from the investors to the laborers.


Our professional team helps you with the complete procedures and assists you with the best inputs. This can reflect greatly upon your business networks, their relationships, and the concerned ministerial regulations. With professional help by your side, setting up and running a business in Dubai becomes much smoother for you. It also protects the employee and maintains a healthy bond in the employee-employer relationship.


For any of Tawjeeh services including job letter typing, applying for permits, renewing permits, updating your information, or other such assistance, contact the experts at Highbiz business setup in Dubai.



A few of our Tawjeeh services are as follows:

  • New smart e-signature
  • Smart e-signature pro card
  • Attending Tawjeeh lecture
  • Updating Establishment Card Information
  • Applying for New Permits/ Renewing Permits

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