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LLC Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

LLC company formation in Dubai, UAE, is an attraction for many foreign entrepreneurs and investors. The numerous opportunities and resources that are available in Dubai make it the ideal place to start up or expand a business for many. LLC business setup in Dubai can turn out to be an easy and uncomplicated process if you set up everything under the law. But finding out in detail about the law and processing the applications as per this is the hard part.

Selecting the legal formation or company structure is one of the crucial steps of starting a business in the UAE. It can be based upon the products or services you offer, the place where you are setting up the business, the customers you are aiming for, and the mode of operation for your business- global or local. You can start a company as a Mainland, Freezone, or Offshore business, which differ from each other in various aspects. Usually, Mainland Dubai is the area where an LLC company formation in Dubai, UAE is seen. Even though Dubai Freezones also have an LLC business setup, they are usually known as FZ LLC or Freezone LLC companies.

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What is an LLC?

An LLC or a Limited Liability Company is where the partners who are invested in the company shares will only have limited liabilities as per their share in the capital amount. Due to this reason, LLC formation is the most preferred form of business setup for many entrepreneurs. An LLC company setup identifies a business as a separate legal entity and allows a tax identification number (TIN), with which the business can open a bank account to its name and conduct business. If you are planning for LLC company formation in Dubai, UAE, get the help of professionals at Highbiz business setup.

Why Choose LLC Business Setup in Dubai?

An LLC company setup is the best option for you if you are starting a business in the UAE Mainland to distribute your products or services in UAE and GCC. It is because a Mainland LLC is allowed to trade anywhere in the UAE, or outside the UAE. The previous Commercial Companies Law which restricted foreign business ownership in UAE Mainland has now been amended. It has allowed 100% foreign ownership for mainland businesses in Dubai. It has also increased the popularity of LLC company formation in Dubai.

How to Register an LLC Company?

Registering an LLC company setup in Dubai is a systematic procedure that requires total attention. The first step to registering any business in Dubai is deciding the legal structure suitable for your business activities and the area in which you wish to set up your business.

Select and register a trading name for your business entity. Choose and submit at least Three unique names when applying.

Choose a location and know in detail about the business setup prevailing there.

Gather and submit all the required documents and supporting proofs along with your application to the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai, UAE

If your business needs any permits for special activities, like from the department of RTA, sort this out and collect all prior approvals for the smooth conduct of your business activities.

Lease or buy a suitable office for business operations and as the official address of your business.

Apply and obtain all licenses and permits needed such as trade license, Memorandum of Association (MOA), certificate of incorporation, share certificate, tenancy agreement, etc.

Obtain required partner visas, employee visas, labour cards, and other required legal documents needed.

Documents Required for LLC Company Setup

  • Attested copies of shareholders’ and managers’ passport
  • NOC from the sponsor if applicable
  • Company registration application form from DED
  • Trade name registration documents
  • Documents of primary approval from DED
  • Lease document for the office and location plan attested by Planning Department and Civil Defence Department of Dubai.
  • Attested Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • An official or bank reference letter for each shareholder of the company.

The Advantages of Setting up an LLC in Dubai

There are many advantages to setting up an LLC in Dubai, the main one of them being access to the growing economy of Dubai & UAE as a whole. Dubai has emerged and stayed as one of the top destinations for foreign investors, entrepreneurs, tourists and expatriates. Here are the other advantages for LLC company formation in Dubai, UAE.

  • There is no restriction on the number of visas that an LLC business can obtain.
  • LLC companies can conduct any type of business activity except the key industry activities of UAE like insurance, investment, oil, and banking.
  • Investors of an LLC in the UAE are granted investor visas under which they can bring their family along.
  • It is easy for an LLC business set up to open a corporate/global bank account and use the credit facilities.
  • LLCs in Mainland don’t have to pay the standard customs duty for imported goods.
  • There are no restrictions on ownership of real estate in UAE for LLC business entities.
  • LLC companies have an option for expanding their business with branches anywhere in UAE, GCC or outside the country

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