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RTA Services in Dubai

RTA services in Dubai, UAE is one of the important requirements for businesses. Mostly, businesses and commercial activities that extensively use transportation and cargo services. Highbiz business setup provides the best assistance to avail different types of RTA services in Dubai. With our help, you can make all your business activities much smoother and trouble-free. Our experts help you in availing of the RTA services such as licenses, permits, rentals, etc. that are necessary for conducting business in the UAE.

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What Are the RTA Services?

RTA is a vision of the Dubai government to create the best transportation and connectivity through the Emirates by facilitating great transport infrastructure. It is an acronym for Road Transport Authority in Dubai, which is responsible for regulating transport and its infrastructures, as well as other activities related to the transportation industry. They are also responsible for any business or commercial activities that are conducted concerning the transportation industry.


Importance of RTA in UAE

Dubai is one of the most popular and fastest-growing cities across the globe and staying well connected within the city and throughout the Middle East, along with the rest of the world, is important. This is why RTA has been set up by the Dubai government for the effortless conduct of transportation and related activities. They are responsible for the provision of all kinds of transportation permits and licenses for land, air, and water transportations in the Dubai Emirate. All of the public transports and other rental transportations services are also under the control of RTA.


RTA Services in Dubai, UAE

Road Transport Authority is an essential part of Dubai, which contributes to its day-to-day life, progress, and expansion. RTA handles all of the below sectors of Dubai city and is in charge of any activities that are under these fields. Any sort of permits or licenses that you need in any of these sectors should be applied to the RTA.

  • Public transport- buses
  • Taxis
  • Traffic safety
  • Road engineering
  • Commercial advertisements on vehicles and at transportation networks
  • Shipping & Marine transport
  • Registration and licensing permits and electronic traffic transactions
  • Urban transportation
  • Dubai Metro and tram
  • Roads and parking
  • Agriculture and street beautification


Get in touch with the experts at Highbiz business setup for any paperwork that your business may need from the RTA services in Dubai, UAE.

We Provide Assistance in Availing the Following RTA Services Faster and More Efficient!

  • Cargo transport by heavy trucks
  • Cargo transport by light trucks
  • Passenger transport by rented buses
  • Bus rental
  • Car rental
  • Truck rental

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