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VAT Registration in Dubai

VAT registration in Dubai, UAE is a mandatory requirement for a business to be acknowledged by the government. It enables the business to collect goods and services tax for their services of products under VAT as a supplier and remit to the Dubai government. There are certain activities that only a VAT registered business in UAE is authorized to do, these are;

  • Charge an amount as VAT from the customers for taxable goods and services they provide.
  • Claim input tax credit on VAT paid on their purchases. It will be deducted from VAT liability on sales.
  • Liable to remit the VAT to the Dubai government
  • File VAT returns periodically to the concerned authority.

Additionally, all businesses registered under VAT should align their business reporting structure as per the compliance requirements. It includes updated and accurate books of accounts, debit notes, credit notes, documents for tax paid such as the tax invoice, records, and documents related to all inward and outwards supplies, etc. All of these should be filed and maintained carefully by the businesses.

All of these things point out the fact that how important it is to do VAT registration in Dubai, UAE.


Highbiz business setup provides a range of services related to vat registration and other taxation services in Dubai. Our experts are skilled and possess years of experience in dealing with business accounting services, business auditing services, taxation services, GCC tax filing in UAE, and other related services. Get the best services for VAT registration in Dubai, UAE, with Highbiz business setup servic

Our Services for VAT Registration in Dubai, UAE

1. GCC tax filing in UAE

The process and procedures for GCC tax filing in UAE are time-consuming and require maximum attention to ensure that it is filed correctly. Highbiz helps you complete your filing process quickly and efficiently.


2. Taxation services

We help you with the end-to-end process of taxation services. With experience in handling all scales of businesses, you can trust us with any of your taxation requirements.


3. VAT services in Dubai, UAE

Finding VAT services in Dubai, UAE can be complex for businesses that is why Highbiz helps you by providing reliable and quality services in Dubai for VAT registration and filing.


4. Business accounting services

Filing and maintaining accounts is an integral part of any business, be it small scale or large scale. We provide the best business accounting services with a team of professionals to help your business.


5. Business auditing services

Need business auditing services? Highbiz is the best option to get quality, affordable and quick services in Dubai. Talk to our experts and find the best solution for your requirements


6. Financial statements

Preparing financial statements is a process that requires attention to detail along with time and expertise. Our experts at Highbiz provide you just that.


7. Payroll assistance services

Having reliable payroll assistance is beneficial for a company’s reputation as well as the security of its employees. Get efficient payroll assistance services from Highbiz business setup.


8. Accounts payable

Are you looking for services and assistance related to accounts payable? The professional assistance from Highbiz can help you achieve it easily and efficiently.


9. Tax planning and compliance strategies

Get assistance from leading services providers for tax planning and compliance strategies in Dubai. Seek the help of the Highbiz team.

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