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Commercial License In Dubai, UAE

There are many procedures to follow and things to keep in mind while you are applying for a commercial license in Dubai, UAE. A commercial license is also known as a trading license which, as the name suggests, is a license issued for businesses in UAE, to legally conduct trade activities in UAE. A commercial license permits the entity to be involved in the trade of goods, commodities, and services.

Companies engaged in business activities such as real estate, construction, and the retail sector require only a general trading license. A commercial trade license is required for businesses in transportation, logistics, and related sectors.

commercial trade license

How to Apply for a Commercial License in Dubai, UAE?

A commercial license can only be obtained after the official incorporation of a company in Dubai. These are the step-by-step process to apply for a commercial license in Dubai, UAE:

  • Select a form of incorporation and the type of activity you want your business to be categorized under the commercial license requirement.
  • Draft your company’s Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA).
  • Register the company with DED, Dubai, to obtain a VAT number
  • Remit the payments for applications and registration.


Commercial License Requirements in UAE

You must meet certain commercial license requirements to apply for one. For that, first, you’ll have to identify what are the business categories that you want your activities to list under. Register and incorporate your company in Dubai officially. After registration and its approval, apply along with supporting documents to the Department of Economic Development, Dubai, and the Federal Ministry of Economy, UAE, for issuing a commercial license.

  • Lease contract of the office space as proof for company’s official address
  • Permit from Dubai Municipality Building Department to recognize the space as commercial/business.
  • Proof of payment made towards trade license application


Procedures for Commercial License Renewal

There are different requirements and procedures for renewing a commercial license in UAE Mainland and Freezones. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for the issuing and renewal of commercial licenses in Dubai.

To renew a commercial trade license in Dubai, the business should have an Ejari attested tenancy contract with at least one-month validity. Commercial license renewal is not possible without this documentation. Submit the required documents and remit payment at DED to complete the commercial license renewal.


Here are the documents required for commercial license renewal in Dubai Mainland:

  • Typed form of BR/1
  • Copy of tenancy certificate
  • Ejari registration certificate
  • Copy of current trade license
  • Copies of all business partners’ passports


Below are the documents needed for commercial license renewal in free zones:

  • Copy or original of your trade license depending upon the Freezone
  • Audit reports of the firm
  • Address confirmation renewal
  • Copy of shareholder’s passports
  • Some other additional documents and permits might be required according to the business activity and the area where the business is set up.


Benefits of Having a Commercial License in Dubai, UAE

Many benefits come with having a commercial license in Dubai, UAE. This is what attracts many foreign investors to invest or launch businesses in the UAE. Below are the benefits of having a commercial license for your business in Dubai:

  • Tax exemptions and, free repatriation of profits and capital in free trade zones
  • The rapidly growing economy of Dubai and its prospects
  • Opportunity to set up a business anywhere in UAE
  • Option to involve in trade and service providing
  • Visa benefits for employee hiring and partners.

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