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Industrial License In Dubai, UAE

A company involved in the manufacturing or processing of any goods or commodities at industrial scales and environments requires an industrial license in Dubai, UAE. Activities like refining raw materials to turn into fully-manufactured or semi-manufactured products can be termed as production and fall under industrial activities. The process can either be manual or mechanical means, and both come under industrial licensed activity itself. An industrial license in Dubai, UAE, is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). Approvals and permits from other government agencies might be required in some cases according to the activities that are conducted at the firm. There are different terms and conditions and a validity period for the issuance of an industrial license in Dubai, UAE.

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Here are the major industrial activities or businesses that require an industrial license in Dubai, UAE.

  • Oil & Petroleum processing industry
  • Metallurgical engineering
  • Steel manufacturing & processing
  • Aluminum manufacturing & processing
  • Manufacturing of gold and processing of other precious stones & metals
  • Machinery manufacturing such as motors and vehicles
  • Manufacturing of mats and rugs etc.
  • Paper manufacturing industry


How to Apply for an Industrial License in Dubai, UAE?

The application process required to obtain an industrial license for a Business setup in Dubai, UAE is as follows:

  • Obtain all the initial approvals required to run your business and conduct manufacturing activities in Dubai.
  • Apply for an industrial license at the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai.
  • It takes around 15 working days to receive an application approval notification from DED and up to 3 months for getting the approved industrial license.
  • You will need the permission of Dubai Municipality for factory construction and setup.
  • Get approvals and permissions that may be required for different categories of industrial activities from the Ministry of Health, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Environment and Water, etc.


Obtaining an industrial license is one of the initial steps you have to do for setting up a manufacturing or processing business in Dubai. Highbiz business setup helps you with the complete process with our expertise and years of experience.


Process of Industrial License Renewal in Dubai, UAE

You can apply for industrial license renewal through the website of the Dubai government authority. The experts at Highbiz business setup can complete the application procedures on your behalf. The service fee for industrial license renewal is AED 500, and there is an additional AED 100 for each month’s delay in renewing your license. The process is simple and easy to complete and takes up to 15 working days. Here are the documents required to renew your industrial license:

  • Documents related to factory location
  • Copy of industrial license issued by local department (if applicable)
  • Copy of passport and residence (for non-citizens), and summary of the registration (for citizens)
  • Copy of balance sheet
  • National Media Council approval
  • Ministry of Health approval
  • Partnership contract
  • Trade license
  • Ministry of Environment and Water approval
  • Ministry of Interior approval


Importance of Industrial License

The main reason why you should have an industrial license is that it is necessary to operate for certain categories of business that deal with manufacturing and processing of resources. Many other benefits come with having an industrial license in Dubai.

  • The laws and terms are in favor and benefit of the investor for industrial business setup.
  • The Dubai government provides a subsidy for land to set up your industry.
  • A rebate in electricity, water, and other such necessities for industrial activity is granted.
  • Guidance and support are provided to advance your business according to your modus operandi common in the related industry.
  • Loans and financial aid are provided at reduced interest rates for innovative products and those which contribute to the economical growth of Dubai Emirate.
  • Notable products with excellent quality are given preference and priority by the Dubai government.


Industrial License Requirements

The documents that are required to get an industrial license in Dubai, UAE, are as below:

  • A detailed report of your business plan, company objective, information about the equipment, and procedures involved, cost of manufacturing, capital, and the source of finance.
  • Provide details regarding the employee strength and their compensations and working conditions.
  • Expatriate entrepreneurs should submit clear copies of their passport and residence permits.
  • A feasibility study on your product and its manufacturing
  • Partnership contract in case of partnership firms
  • Approval from National Media Council
  • Approval from the Ministry of Health (MOH)
  • A copy of the balance sheet
  • Permits from the Ministry of Environment and Water

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