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Notary Services in Dubai 

Highbiz business setup provides the best notary services in Dubai for any of your important documents. This service for attesting documents with authoritative signatures was previously done only through government bodies. But considering the growing population in Dubai, both expatriates as well as Emirati, the government has now authorized registered lawyers of the country to notarize documents and contracts. Since this, residents can now easily avail themselves of signatures and documents verification services through the nearest notary services.

We provide all types of notary services with utmost quality and care so that your notarization requirements are taken care of efficiently. Get all kinds of business setup services in Dubai from the leading service provider in the Middle East.


Why Choose Our Notary Services?

Your first choice for any notary services in Dubai is Highbiz business set up because we have one of the best teams of experts. Our team consists of some of the top registered lawyers in the Middle East along with dedicated support staff to quickly and efficiently complete all your notarization and verification procedures. You can avail of our expertise to assist with your needs like business incorporation, making proper financial lending suggestions, project and all other financial transactions, drafting and reviewing documents, financial acquisition, and much more. With deep and updated knowledge of the business and legal sectors along with years of expertise, we ensure to handle each of our clients’ requirements with professional efficiency.

Our team has experience in assisting and managing all forms of business incorporation in the UAE. The fields of our expertise include limited liability companies, sole establishments, public joint-stock companies, Freezone companies, and general partnerships. We offer a range of services that are highly beneficial for your business incorporation in Dubai and make the whole process a lot easier. The assistance we offer includes legal instructions, guidance, and solutions to both local and international clients, other business-oriented legal services, business setup services, etc. With a professional team to help and support you, complete all your legal, business, and governmental requirements in UAE seamlessly. Here are the main categories we provide under notary services in Dubai.

1.  Notarize documents and contracts

Notarize documents and contracts in Dubai easily with the experts at Highbiz.


2. Signatures and documents verification

Highbiz also helps you with the complete procedures of obtaining signatures and documents verification for any of your legal documents.


3. Affidavits and power of attorney typing

For any services related to affidavits and power of attorney typing, Highbiz business setup is the perfect assistance you can get in the UAE.


4. Memorandum typing

Avail fast and error-free memorandum typing services in Dubai with Highbiz business setup


5. Draw up the Articles of Association (AOA) for Dubai companies

We assist to draw up the Articles of Association (AOA) for businesses set up in the Emirate of Dubai.

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