We Welcome the world to Dubai

We Welcome the world to Dubai

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While Dubai is on growth trajectory in all areas of development, the government is making sure that it is easing the policies on legal service for the benefits of the citizen. One of them is notary services provided by registered lawyers in the country. With this, residents and citizen will be able to attest documents, get officials sign on important papers, notarize contracts, authenticate signatures or handle documents such as wills. Apart from common men, seeking the services will be various companies wanting to wind up arrangements or business transactions.

Highbiz has a law team that offers the expertise and support for business incorporation. Drafting, reviewing and making suitable suggestions on matters like financial lending, acquisition finance, project and other finance transactions for years, we have proven that our credentials in the area are beyond question. The team has already successfully incorporated all forms of entities in the UAE such as sole establishments, general partnerships, limited liability companies, public joint stock companies, and free zone companies across the UAE.

The clients will be able to avail a long range of assistance offered by Emirates Professional Services, prominent of which being legal services. The service includes extensive business-oriented legal suggestions, instruction and solutions to its local and overseas clients. With a team of well-read professionals experienced in legal practices and technical abilities to recommend solutions for all legal matters in South Asia, Highbiz will ensure that you get the necessary support and guidance in dealing with the issues and challenges of the business. Our strong areas of service are banking, maritime & transport, litigation & arbitration, real estate and labour.

Our attorneys in Dubai can help you with the following notary services in Dubai:

  • Notarize documents and contracts
  • Signatures and documents verification
  • Affidavits and power of attorney; typing
  • Memorandum typing
  • Draw up the Articles of Association for Dubai companies

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