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Trademark Registration in Dubai

Highbiz offers complete assistance related to trademark registration in Dubai, UAE, and other associated works. Our experts are exclusively dedicated to each of the services that your business may require in Dubai. These include trademark classification, registration, and protection.

Through our help, you can ensure that your trademark registration is done under the correct categories. Thereby protecting your product, brand, or name properly.

trademark registration dubai

Why Is Trademark Registration Important?

Trademark is the identity of your establishment, be it a name, logo, product, or brand. This identity is what speaks with your consumers about your business and what it offers. Such unique and registered trademarks communicate greatly with the common audience and make an impact on their minds. 

  • Trademark is a unique way that your brand or product is represented. It enables people to easily recognize and relate to the products that you sell.
  • It possesses a value and reputation to it and is a part of the business’s net worth. Major brand logos which are trademarked are worth billions of dollars.
  • Trademarking also allows easy brand recognition and visibility among a sea of competitors. An attractive and unique logo or brand name is the best thing to gain the public’s attention.
  • Registering your brand’s unique name or logo also eliminates the duplicate or fake products, that are plenty in the black and grey markets. It also protects the customers’ interests as it allows them to recognize the quality of products and buy only the originals.
  • After establishing the company, trademarking can help in expanding the business domains by earning name and reputation in the industry.
  • Easily recognized and popular branding that is trademarked also helps in enhancing the reach through social media.

Documents needed for registering a trademark in Dubai, UAE

Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE, is issued by the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates. The normal trademark registration validity in the UAE is 10 years. Registering a trademark claim with the UAE ministry makes the trademark license valid in all of the 7 Emirates of UAE. The complete process of trademark registration and approval in the UAE is long and would take approximately 10 months. With the help of our experts, you can make your trademark registration process much smoother and faster. Here are the documents that are required for trademark registration in Dubai, UAE.

  • Application for trademark registration
  • Trade license of the applying business or commercial entity
  • Complete details of name or logo that is to be trademarked
  • Acknowledgment slip for fee payment
  • Power of Attorney if applicable
  • Copy of Priority document
  • Details of services or products that fall under trademark
  • Clear passport copy of the applicant
  • Contact details of the applicant

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We provide reliable, easy, and expert logo registration services at competitive service charges.


2. ISO Registration Services

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3. Trademark Registration Services

We offer trademark registration services that are the best in the industry, with experts on board for assisting you throughout.


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At Highbiz, you can ensure 100% secure and fast copyright services. Avail of our services and make your creation secure.

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