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Office Space For Rent in Dubai, UAE

Highbiz business setup is one of the leading service providers in assistance related to finding an office space in Dubai, UAE. We have experience in handling different forms and scales of businesses for any of the business setup requirements they have in the UAE. Your requirements differ according to the type of business, area of business set up, and audience you are targeting. That is why finding a suitable office space is crucial to your business and its success. The team of professionals at Highbiz is the right help for you to achieve this goal.

Dubai is an ideal location to set up a business due to its extensive growth and development in all sectors. Due to the business-friendly and welcoming atmosphere of Dubai, numerous startups and branches of established businesses have been set up in the emirate. The latest commercial company law amendments also have contributed to creating an entrepreneurs’ heaven in the city of dreams.

Are you also planning to set up a business in Dubai? Find the perfect office space in Dubai, UAE, that suits your business needs.

How to Set Up an Office Space in Dubai, UAE?

There are many legal, financial, and strategic prerequisites to set up an office space in Dubai, UAE. It is always advised to seek the assistance of professional business setup consultants while you are searching or setting up an office space in Dubai, UAE.

While applying for a commercial license, the Dubai government requires you to carry certain important documents;

  • Provisional approval from Dubai Emirate’s Licensing Authority
  • Passport of the company manager mentioned in the trade license


You should rent an office space for your business after the company incorporation and filing all the initial corporate documents. But it is important to begin the process of searching for office space at the initial stages of your company incorporation in Dubai. This way you will be able to consider and ponder over the best available options of office for rent in the area.

Sign a lease agreement for the office space you chose and get it registered from the Ejaari or Tawtheeq system. This validates the lease agreement for using the office space in Dubai, UAE, for commercial activities. Registration of lease agreement is important for the operation of the company and crucial in case of any legal disputes over the property. To register your lease agreement you will need;


  • Copy of License or the initial approval
  • Copy of passport/ visa/ Emirates ID of the applicant
  • Passport copy or copy of Emirates ID of the local partner
  • Proof of payment made towards application processing

Ejari will be immediately approved and sent through RERA online portal or email to the applicant.

There is a usual practice of taking one month’s rent equal to a security deposit upfront while you take an office for rent in Dubai. The amount is a safeguard for maintenance and repairs that are incidental upon the termination of the lease agreement.

The Importance of Setting Up an Office in Dubai

Dubai is one of the key locations for the business world that houses many top brands. If you have plans to rent an office space in Dubai, UAE, make sure you know the immense opportunities you open with that decision. There are many reasons why Dubai attracts so much attention internationally, which include its tremendous growth and development. The basic resources and infrastructure are so advanced that it ranks the best in the world. Here are a few top motives why many businesses set up branches or main offices in Dubai.

  • Dubai has favorable laws that make business operations easier and smoother for local and foreign entrepreneurs and investors alike. One of such benefits is the lenient tax laws that allow companies to operate on zero or minimum taxes.
  • It is a strategic business location that has a population consisting of people from across the globe. A stable and developed location, that gives you complete access to the coveted MENA region.
  • Setting up an office in Dubai is generally easier, and cost-efficient with the lenient policies of the government and the quality services of business setup consultants like Highbiz.

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